Overseas Documents required

If the documents you are providing are written in a language other than English or French, be sure to provide a translation by an officially recognized translator in your country. These documents must include the translator's seal and signature.

If applying for a job in the Province of Quebec, Please obtain two copies of all documents. You will need one set for the Quebec government, and another for the Canadian Embassy.

We require certified true copies of the following

Your most recent diploma and corresponding transcripts of record (post-secondary or university studies) provided by (i.e. stamped certified by the school registrar office) the educational institution
Proof of work experience (employment contracts, or work certificates from current and previous employers, pay slips or any other proof of professional experience), if applicable
If applicable, diploma and corresponding transcripts of record of a 6 month TESDA approved Caregiver program. This course must have been taken as a full time schooling program where courses are held during the daytime hours from Monday to Friday (not part time on weekends) . The 6 months does not include time spent doing OJT (on the Job Training)
A membership card for a professional order or association (particularly for nurses, midwives and teachers from the Philippines), if applicable
Your Live birth certificate (an original of this document is also acceptable)
Your Marriage certificate, if applicable
Your passport (passport ID page with signature and all entries related to relevant work experience), if available
If available, proof of knowledge of French or English (TEF, TCF, IELTS or TOEFL tests)

Other documents needed that do not need to be certified

An up to date cv/resume (ensure all dates in your cv indicate year and month. This is true for any work experience and for any schooling)
Digital photo ( 2 x 2 head shot )