Family Care

If you are seeking a Nanny, care for a disabled person, or just some simple domestic help, FACE Personnel takes the time to understand your needs.

Our dedicated staff of placement consultants will conduct a comprehensive interview with you to explore your specific needs, to discuss your expectations and to answer any questions you may have. Only candidates with the desired profile, required abilities, appropriate employment experience and credentials will be referred to you.

We value your time and our intention is to not waste it by sending you inappropriate candidates.

How It Works

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    Upon assessing your needs, you may choose to directly employ a full or part-time caregiver

    For families who are unable to accommodate a live-in caregiver for any reason, live-out caregivers provide opportunities for flexible care options, such as after-school care for children. Both full time and part time care is available.
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    Many of our caregivers are certified registered nurses with extensive experience and expertise

    In our ongoing efforts to recruit only the best caregivers, candidates are rigorously screened through interviews and a thorough background check of their employment history. References from former employers are verified.
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    Local candidates are available for employers to interview in person; overseas candidates may be interviewed by telephone/skype or by other means

    The employer will be provided with information on a candidate's educational and employment history as well as personal background information. Once a match has been found, we will assist both the employer and the caregiver with all the contractual hiring steps.

Guide to Success

  • For Hiring the Right Caregiver

    Most of our caregivers have previously worked as caregivers abroad in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Many of our caregivers are certified registered nurses with extensive experience and expertise.
  • Preparing for a Caregiver

    In preparation for an overseas worker's arrival, we strongly suggest the family to maintain contact during the processing of the application. The more you put in towards solidifying a relationship, the more you will get in return.
  • What to expect

    It is common for a new arrival to experience different emotions. Several adjustments will occur including jet-lag, cultural acclimatization, home-sickness, scheduling of work hours. These adjustments can last several weeks.
  • Making the Caregiver comfortable in your Home

    Several steps can be taken by you to make your caregiver feel at "Home". Providing WIFI is a great first step. Food choices can be very different in Canada, offering to purchase select foods specifically for the caregiver is an effort very well received by the caregiver. Also, showing an interest in their family life can only strengthen the relationship.