About Us

FACE Personnel is an association of care experts in the childcare, eldercare and homecare fields, with over 15 years of experience in the market place. Since its inception, the philosophy has been one of partnership - where we all work together to create a positive relationship and happy work environment for both the family and the caregiver.

To guarantee the strength of that partnership, our experts travel overseas frequently to interview and screen potential candidates. The training that we provide to the candidates is indispensable in orienting them to their new culture and environment and is an initiative that benefits both the caregiver and family.

Since its inception, we have provided our clients with highly trained, superior personnel. Of the thousands of applicants only the most skilled caregivers are selected which means superior caregivers for the FACE Personnel families.

The Company is owned by Stuart Eiley and supported by a highly trained team of care managers. Stuart holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a graduate degree in public accountancy, both from McGill University located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.